Onward Announces Top 51 Physical Therapy Resources on the Web


Physical Therapy Resources Following the recent success of our Top 101 Travel Nursing Links, Onward Healthcare is once again excited to announce our list of the Top 51 Physical Therapy Resources on the Web.  The list was developed by Onward’s marketing and recruitment staff with the help of many of our nationwide physical therapists.

The top physical therapy resources differs slightly from the travel nursing list in that it focuses entirely on industry specific sites for physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, physical therapy job seekers, PT students as well as travel physical therapists.  The list was broken down into eight categories, which consist of PT links to informational sites, interactive resources, PT Blogs and social media sites, as well as an extensive list of nationwide physical therapy organizations and sections of the APTA.

We hope that this list proves to be a valuable resource to the physical therapy community, and will act as a one-stop web page to bookmark and come back to for your physical therapy news and needs.  For those travel physical therapists looking for additional information on relocation, we encourage your to visit our Top 101 Travel Nursing Websites and check out the last nine categories, which focus on travel, housing, getting settled and staying connected to family and friends.

Click here to view the Top 51 Physical Therapy Resources on the Web.

If your organization was named as one of the Top 101 PT Resources, please visit the page to find out how to download an award’s badge to place on your website.

If you have any suggestions for additional physical therapy websites, please email us or leave a comment below.


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