Travel Nursing Career Tips for Starting the New Year Off Right

2012 could be the year that your travel nursing career takes off! With exciting new assignments, fresh new cities and professional growth on your horizon, this year is all about setting yourself up for success at every turn. Make the most out of the next 12 months by leveraging these tips for your travel nursing career.

1) Build your network.

Just like all professionals, travel nurses benefit immensely from a strong, well maintained network of connections. Whether it’s a recommendation from a former colleague, or passing along a job opportunity only to receive a favor in return, there are endless ways your network can support your career. Check out this Onward Healthcare blog post about Twitter networking tips and this episode of the Travel Nursing Insider about social media for travel nurses if you need any refreshers to keep your network working for you.

2) Sharpen your skills.

Make 2012 the year that you outdo yourself by taking all your expertise and education to the next level. Keeping your skills sharp is the perfect way to impress future employers, and build a great reputation. Your career will benefit from a boost in know-how, so why not go for that certification you’ve been thinking about? Onward Healthcare also offers continuing education to all nurses. Your career, plus your patients and colleagues, will thank you for it, so don’t forget to ask your travel nursing recruiter for more details.

3) Broaden your horizons.

Along the same lines of keeping your skills sharp, make broadening your horizons a priority this year. Think about all the different places you want your career to take you and make it all happen. If that means working in a city all the way across the country, go for it! If that means expanding your skills to include a new specialty, why not? Dream bigger this year because your career in travel nursing is all about what you make of it!

4) Challenge yourself.

Were there any assignments or job opportunities that you shied away from last year? ┬áBehind some of the most uncomfortable and challenging scenarios in your career lies some of the best learning and growth experiences you’ll ever have. The next time an assignment comes up that seems a little bit less than ideal, go for it. You never know who you’ll meet, what problems you’ll solve or what you’ll experience that could make a huge difference in your career.

5) Treat yourself right!

Amidst all the traveling, moving, orientation, and settling in, you can’t ignore the investment you must make in keeping yourself healthy and happy. When you’re well rested, exercising enough, eating right and feeling supported by friends, family and loved ones, all the stresses that can come from a travel nursing career will roll off your back much easier. Plus, feeling your best means your performance on the job will improve as well! Refer to the Onward Healthcare Travel Nursing Tips article about maintaining a healthy lifestyle on assignment for a great start to a healthy 2012.

If you need any more information, guidance or inspiration for making your travel nursing career the absolute best it can be this year, don’t hesitate to contact your travel nursing recruiter. They look forward to helping you start off the New Year right!


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