Pet Travel Tips: No Dogs Allowed?


Part Three Of Our “Travel Nurses With Pets” Series

Your pet is a member of your family – and increasingly, travel nurses who own pets want these family members to join them as they explore nearby beaches, campgrounds, and parks on their weekend getaways. Alternatively, you may be driving to your next assignment, and your trip will involve a stay at a local hotel along the way. Either way, the following tips will make your pet’s hotel stay as comfortable and enjoyable for them as possible!

Keeping Your Dog Or Cat In A Hotel Room

A hotel room can be an upsetting place for cats and dogs – it’s filled with unfamiliar surroundings, smells, and sounds.

Any stability you can provide them at this time will go a long way in helping them feel comfortable and safe. Feed them their normal food and water (bring the water from home to avoid sicknesses from strange water), and bring them on their walks during their normally scheduled times. You might like to book a room at the ground floor, with an outdoor patio. This allows easy access to walk your dog at all hours.

To reduce stress for your pet during its stay, bring a favorite blanket or bed, as well as some toys, from home so they have a few familiar sights and smells to curl up with. You can minimize on the unfamiliar sounds your pet might hear by running the air conditioner, turning on a fan, or creating some other source of white noise.

To minimize on the chance of you pet escaping from the hotel room, be sure to let the front desk know that when your pet is in the room and out of its kennel. Use the “Do Not Disturb” note on the door whenever you leave – possibly with a sticky note attached that mentions that your pet is inside.

Pet-Friendly Hotels

A travel nurse and her cat in a hotel room.

Now more than ever, hotels are admitting pets – and even welcoming them with open arms! In fact, there are more than 20,000 hotels in the USA that have pet accommodations in place, from luxury hotels to economy.

The best hotels can provide you with a dog bowl, bed, and even a handy list of local groomers, parks, and other pet-friendly areas for your convenience. Other hotels offer special “pet menus”, welcome dogs with treats and toys at the door, and even offer pet-babysitting services. At least one hotel will also make you a temporary, hotel-specific pet tag, complete with the hotel’s address.

When booking your hotel room, be sure to ask the hotel about fees, deposits, and other pet-related costs. Some hotels charge more if you’re bringing a pet, or will add a cleaning fee on to the cost of your stay.

Great Online Resources To Find A Pet-Friendly Hotel

There are some fantastic resources out there to help you easily browse and compare pet-friendly hotels and their policies. At Onward Healthcare, we’ve found the following resources especially helpful: ( Since 1998, this site has provided Internet users with resources for just about anything you can think of for your dog – including hotels, pet-friendly parks and attractions, and listings of dog-friendly beaches, campsites, ski slopes, transportation, and more. Information is available for locations across the globe. ( This site is packed with information about pet friendly hotels, airline pet policies, pet passport forms, and everything you need to travel with your pet. The home page includes a useful city/country/state search tool, so you can plot your trip anywhere in the world. ( This site includes information about lodging, daycare, and great destinations for your traveling pet. There’s a handy state/city search tool right on the home page to get you started.

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  1. Maragaret says:

    Thank you for the pointers. I often travel for work in nearby areas and like take brio (my pooch ) with me for company. Earlier he would get hyper in the new surroundings of hotel rooms but then I started creating familiar smells to him. Worked well. You can also use your worn clothes to give him the feel of your presence by the smell when you are away. Even perfumes and fresheners work.

  2. I’m surprised that fresheners work — I would have thought they connected with animal smells.

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