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Packing Light While Travel Nursing

Nurses wearing scrubs of different colors and designs.

Staying fashionable and packing light are seldom compatible! The experts at Scrubs share some great ways to travel light and look great!

Monsters, ghouls and… doctors?

Eva Dixon is the VP of Communications and Social Media for, one of the nation’s leading retailers in medical scrubs and nursing uniforms. They’re a 100% American-owned company that’s currently operating out of Minneapolis, MN. For more travel nursing advice, nursing jokes, and medical stories visit them on their Blog, Facebook, or Pinterest page! [...]

Travel Nursing Jobs as a Resume Builder

Travel nursing allows the nurse to continue to grow in a specific field of practice. If a nurse wants to specialize in caring for elderly patients, she will not be limited to jobs in just one city. Through travel nursing, she can continue to work and grow in the specialty she has chosen. via Travel [...]

Podcast: Selecting a Travel Nursing Job

In this month’s episode of Travel Nursing Insider, Sera Cullen, director of travel nursing, and Lindsay Francis (pictured), travel nurse recruitment manager, offer tips and advice on how to select the travel nursing job that is right for you. The two delve into the typical questions they hear from most first time travel RNs and [...]

Travel Nursing Tip: Researching a Hospital

Before you accept a travel nursing job at a new hospital, it is in your best benefit to do some research on that facility. This can consist of asking your travel nurse recruiter for the names of some other nurses who have worked at the facility, or hitting nursing forums or hospital ranking websites. First [...]

Top Travel Nursing Assignments for Autumn

The English Romantic poet Percy Shelley once wrote: “There is a harmony in autumn, and a luster in the sky.” As a travel nurse, you have the opportunity to choose which location will be in harmony with your needs.  Do you want to bask in Florida’s warm ocean breezes, soak in California’s sunshine, or revel [...]

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